Real currency supply

Often traders do not want to change money, but only want to earn on the growth or fall of one currency to another, but the main task of any exchange is exchange. Unlike most other trading platforms, Dexly pro offers a simple and intuitive exchange right in the terminal.

Consider a simple example. You buy Bitcoin for dollars – in the terminal, this corresponds to the Buy order for the BTCUSD pair.

Here you can see that you bought 0.1 bitcoin. You can at some point in time refuse the transaction (close the order) – physically this will mean selling bitcoin for dollars – however, in certain cases – when, for example, you lose money – you do not want to lose money and receive less in a dollar account what you spent and just want to get your purchase.

You select a deal and see a new “Fix” button

You press it and money for 0.1 bitcoin is debited from your account – and the price is exactly the one at which you once bought. In this case, $ 6,737,340 for bitcoin – or for 0.1 bitcoin $ 673.7340

A bitcoin account has a millibitcoin dimension, so 0.1 bitcoin we see as 100 millibcoin.

You can get real money at any time – it is only important that you have enough money. You trade with leverage. If you buy 100,000 euros – you can do this with less than $ 1,000 in your account due to leverage. However, to get a real supply – you cannot use your shoulder.

To really get 100,000 Euros into your Euro account, you have to spend as many dollars as trade requires when you leverage 1: 1, i.e., without leverage.

So, in the mobius trader 7 system, you can turn any trade transaction into a balance one. We examined the simplest example – we bought bitcoins for a dollar on a dollar account.

What happens if we buy bitcoin for a dollar in a euro account? Everything is very simple. When you buy bitcoin on a euro account, you are buying bitcoin

The actual delivery to your bitcoin account will be equal to 0.1 bitcoin (100 millibitcoins). What will the debiting from the euro account be equal to? You must buy dollars at the current exchange rate – and already at them at the rate fixed at the time the transaction was opened, you are buying bitcoins. After clicking the Fix button, we see:

579.6849 euros were debited from the account – the transfer went to the account 1030459 USD.

Which corresponds to the course at a given time:

On this account, we see crediting in the amount of 673.7330 – i.e., our rate:

Next – as you can see, the higher is debited to the bitcoin account. Accordingly, 0.1 Bitcoin is credited to the Bitcoin account – and this happens at the rate at the time the transaction was opened.

Consider another example.

We buy 1 Dash in a euro account – while buying it for dollars:
After fixing the deal, we should get 1 DASH by giving 143.7 dollars for it – because it was at this price that we made the deal. At the same time, we have a euro account and when fixing we see a write-off in euros:

Accordingly, we spent so much euro on the purchase of dollars. On the dollar account – as can be seen from the comment on debiting 1030459, we see the crediting of dollars:

143.7 dollars were credited from the euro account – and transferred to the DASH account – as we had previously expected – we bought 1 DASH and paid 143.7 dollars for it. The euro against the dollar is visible on the screen. We received 143.7 dollars giving 123.6363 euros – i.e. 1.16228

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