Affiliate program

Dexly affiliate program

Some of the largest affiliate rewards in the industry

Three easy steps to become a partner

Create your affiliate link

Create a link in your account. You will receive 33% of all commissions from those who signed up using your link

Tell others about your link

Post your referral link on your website, social media, or advertisements. Anyone who follows the link will forever remain your referral

Receive commissions instantly

Commissions come to you after the completion of the operation on your referral. You can withdraw them immediately.

To participate in the affiliate program, please register or log in to your personal area. In your personal cabinet, go to the section “Partners”


1 point for each transaction of your referral, except for pairs ending in “v”. Transactions on these pairs are carried out in the bank, and the company does not receive any spread, only a commission of 0.3 pips, which leaves a partner 0.1 pips of spread.

If your referral made a 1 lot deal, you will receive about $10 as a commission.

As soon as your referral closes his position, you receive a reward. At the same time, the account history records which account he came from, and so on, for each trade.

It does not matter. 1 point, regardless of whether the trade was profitable or unprofitable.

You can place your link anywhere – in a blog, on a forum or on your website. When someone clicks on a link, they are redirected to our site, and that person’s browser cookies (special files containing information) record your agent’s number. When a person opens an account, the browser checks to see if the cookies contain an agent number. When they do this, the browser transmits them to our system and the person becomes your referral.

Cookies are stored for an unlimited amount of time.

Anywhere. On your website or forum. You can send it to your friends in a messenger or in an email.

Spam is strictly prohibited. If complaints are filed against you and the spam mailing is confirmed, you will be excluded from our agents and all your charges will also be deducted from your account.


  • The referral program rules may be changed by Dexly at any time. The advantages provided to a referral user and the corresponding payments to a referral will be determined by the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program in effect at the time of registration of a referral user with Dexly.
  • Dexly reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program at any time due to changes in market conditions, fraud risk or any other factors.
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