When depositing funds, the company does not charge any commissions. Client pays only the payment systems fees. Some payment systems require prior verification for funding. You can open anonymous accounts and deposit funds with cryptocurrencies without verification.

Cryptocurrency Commission Term Action



10 - 60 minutes



10 - 60 minutes

  Tether (USDT-TRC20)


10 - 60 minutes

In order to start trading on Dexly, you need to fund your account.

To deposit funds into a trading account, you need to register through a trading platform and open an account. In the trading platform in Personal Area, go to the Deposit Funds section. Select a trading account, specify the amount and currency and click Proceed. Check the typed data and click Continue Funding. You should see the merchant’s page to process a transaction or obtain further instructions.

The transfer time depends on the payment system.
For e-wallets, it takes about 20-30 minutes, for cryptocurrency – about 1 hour or 1 day, for debit cards – about 1 hour.

You can deposit cryptocurrencies that match the base currencies of trading accounts and those that need to exchange for the base currency of the BTC account.

To make a deposit, select the cryptocurrency in the Trading platform, and you will receive a Personal cryptocurrency address.

1. In the Trading platform, in the Funds deposit section, you select the trading account number, Cryptocurrency method and click on the Proceed button.

2. You are given an individual Dexly wallet address.

3. Transfer сryptocurrency to your Dexly wallet.

4. The funds will be available for trading after the third block confirmation.

5. You will receive a notification by e-mail when the amount accrued to the trading account.

6. If you have any questions, write a letter to the finance department by e-mail: [email protected] and indicate your bitcoin wallet number, transfer amount and your trading account number with the company.

To exchange funds between accounts, go to the personal account, in section “transfer between accounts”

You can transfer funds between your trading accounts without commission. If the trading account currencies differ, the amount will be converted at the market price to the base currency of the trading account.

Dexly does not charge any fees for deposit funds.

Protecting the interests of our customers is a priority for Dexly. Any information you provide on the site, customer data, history and account status remains strictly confidential!

If you top up your account with cryptocurrencies, you do not have to be verified.

If you use other methods to replenish your trading account, then you need to go through the verification procedure.

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