Work with trailing stop

Trailing stop will give you the opportunity to earn maximum profit from the open order from the market. Trailing stop after installation is instantly executed on the server and even with the terminal turned off, it will continue to work. To install, you need to open the terminal’s trading panel with open orders and find the trailing stop setup column, as shown in the picture below.

If you do not have a stop loss set, then a trailing stop will automatically set it and it will be possible to observe the work of the trailing stop as the gray stop loss line moves. In our case, the order has already set a stop loss.

Now we need to register how many points from the price to the stop loss will be a trailing stop. For example, we set 25 (maximum value 150).

And by clicking on any place in the terminal, the value of the trailing stop is preserved for this order.

Now the stop loss line of the automatic machine will move with a trailing stop at a distance of 25 pips from the price until the stop loss triggers in profit or loss.

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