How to partially close an open order

Dexly trading platform has an excellent opportunity to partially close an order. If your transaction is profitable and you do not want to close it completely or you are at a loss in a large lot, but expect a price return, then you have a great opportunity to close half or any part of the order. To do this, you need to click on the volume of your order in the lower trading panel of the terminal

and select the lot you want to close. For example, we had a lot volume of 1 and we want 0.3 lots left in the market. We select 0.3 and click close, as shown in the figure below.

Be careful and remember that you need to register exactly the value of the lot that you want so that it remains in the market !

In the picture below you can see that after we registered 0.3 lots in the volume value, 0.3 remained in the market as we needed.

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