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What is Credit?

A credit is company money that the company has deposited into your account as a bonus or prize – it is no different from the balance – it also participates in drawdown and trading. But it cannot be withdrawn from your account. Equity is used for trading. Equity = Balance+Credit+Current Profit. In a certain situation […]

What is swap?

When you make a trade, you use Trading Leverage. In fact, the company gives you a special loan, which according to certain rules it takes from the bank or from its own funds. If you have $100 in your account and you buy 1000 euros on the market (which are worth $1,200) or 0.1 bitcoin, […]

What is Take Profit

Take Profit is created for gaining profit when the price of a financial instrument reaches a predetermined level. Execution of this order causes the position to be closed. The order can be placed only together with a market or a pending order. When checking the condition of this order for long positions the Bid price […]

What is Stop Loss

This order is intended to minimize losses in case the price of a financial instrument starts moving in an unprofitable direction. If the instrument price reaches this level, the position will be closed automatically. Such order is always connected with an open position or a pending order. When checking the condition of this order for […]

What is a Trailing stop?

When you set a trailing stop (for example, for 30 pips), the following happens: The platform does not take any action until the position has “gone” in profit by 30 pips (the value of the trailing stop). After that the trading platform sets a stop loss at a distance of 30 pips from the current […]

Graphics on the platform are not loading in the browser

If you can’t load or don’t have graphics in your browser, you need to clear your browser cache. How to clear the cache on Google Chrome?Go to the browser settings by clicking the icon in the upper right corner and selecting the “Tools” section. In the menu that appears, click “Show advanced settings” and the […]

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