Opening a new order – using stop loss and take profit

To open a new order with a take profit already set and stop loss in pips or at the indicated price in the Dexly trading platform, you need to click on the NEW ORDER clutch, as shown in the figure below

Also, the window of a new order can be opened by clicking on the tab of the desired instrument in the market overview, as shown in the figure below

For convenience, if you want, for example, to open a buy order and don’t know how many points there are to the nearest local minimum, you can simply indicate the price at which the stop loss will be set and the take profit price at which, in your opinion, the price should reach. You can indicate the value of the price as PLUS and MINUS, thereby adding or decreasing the price by 1 pip, or if you have a very big difference with the current price, you can simply select the price and write down your value for quick action

If it doesn’t matter to what price the stop loss and take profit will be, and it is only important that the ratio is at least 1: 2 or 1: 3, then you can set the number of loss and profit pips in the window of the new order, as shown in the figure below

Just as with the price value, you can both register your take profit and stop loss values and add 1 pip by clicking on + and –

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