Limits and commissions

Deposit funds

In order to start trading on Dexly, you need to fund your account. You can fund your account by entering crypto currencies supported by the platform.

The platform does not accept payments in the form of fiat money. This allows us to set low trading commissions. Also, the client verification procedure is optional.

You can exchange funds between different accounts in your personal cabinet.

If you need a different crypto currency for replenishment, please let us know to our technical support team.

The funds (crypto currency) will be credited to your account after 6 confirmations in the block network.


Withdrawal is possible only in crypto currency. After withdrawing funds, you can exchange crypto currency for fiat currency using special exchangers.

To withdraw funds in crypto currency, go to the Withdraw funds page. Select the crypto currency you want to withdraw, e.g. Bitcoin, fill in the required fields:

  1. The account from which the funds will be debited (e.g. btc account)
  2. Amount of funds to be sent
  3. Enter the address to which the funds will be sent

After entering all parameters, your request will be created and sent for processing.

Withdrawal of funds is carried out manually and takes from an hour to 24 hours.

Withdrawal of funds is carried out manually and takes from an hour to 24 hours.

The password for withdrawal of funds was shown to you at registration, highlighted in red. If you lost it, you must restore it.

To recover the output password, go to the password recovery page.

If funds are deposited and withdrawn using crypto currencies, this is not necessary.

In some cases, if we notice unusual activity (change of country, change of password, etc.), we may request verification.

If you want to withdraw more than the set daily threshold, you need to pass the verification.